SAP Analytics Cloud
Experience the Future of Decision Making
Put intelligence-driven insights into the hands of your entire team. By tracking key metrics and getting a clear, real-time view of what’s happening in the business today, you can plan for tomorrow and adapt quickly as needed.
BARC BI Survey - Read the SAP Analytics Cloud Results
The BI Survey 18 examines user feedback on BI product selection and usage across 30 criteria (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction,
customer experience, innovation and competitiveness.
SAP Analytics Cloud - Information Sheet
From financial planning to sales and marketing, the one simple cloud experience delivered by SAP Analytics Cloud helps businesses make end-to-end decisionsfaster and with greater confidence.
The Role of Finance in a Best-Run Company
Finance leaders play an important role in the digital transformation (DX) journey, helping their companies bring new value to their decisions with more insights and guidance. Digitally transformed finance teams use intelligent technologies to improve timely decision making, create repeatable operational process capabilities, and empower knowledge workers to engage in higher-value business activities
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